Richard Busch: Peek Performances
Busch, Richard: Peek Performances
©2000 Richard Busch, Magic Inspirations, TX
Hardcover, w/dj, 203 pages
Busch: Peek Performances
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Comments: From the preface, "We do commonly think of a peek primarily as a secret glance to obtain information of one kind or another. But is that really a fair estimate of its value? Do we appreciate its true power? Do we even recognize peeks in their various forms? I don't believe so. In Peek Performances, I suggest a conceptual appreciation of peeks in a broader sense that may lead us to new horizons."

Contents (from book):

1 Foreword (Banachek)
4 Author's Preface In Search of Peaked Peeks: various types of peeks
8 Special Delivery - The Untouchable Peek: featuring a business card peek based on Bruce Bernstein's Picture Duplication from Psi-Tech
14 Cheekie--Peekie!! - The Enlightened Peek: a business card peek that is usable only in certain cicumstances, but eliminates the envelope
17 Master Busch's Zen Billet Tear - La Peak Peek Fantastique": a center-tear technique with an Index card; Bergson's Peek, and more
53 Immaculate Thought Reception - 53 A Peek Magnifique That Minds Their Business: uses a stack of ordinary business cards
65 The See of White Principle: a packet trick adapted to mentalism
65 - Minding Your Business: business card prints in the spectator's hand
73 - Immaculate Prelude: similar effect using regular printed business cards
79 21st Century Imagery - The Language of the Brain, a Brief Retrospective Peek: performer is able to duplicated the image thought of from a set of business cards
85 Paper-Backed Thought Projection: a paperback book test with two words chosen and revealed
96 Hard-Covered Thought Projection - The Little Mother Book Test, a Peek Down Memory Lane: the impromptu book test as previously printed in Mother's Home Companion
102 The Hoy/Busch Thought Projection: four adaptations for the David Hoy book test
104 Juan Ahead's Mystery Book Thought Projection: two renditions of a paper-backed version of the Hard-Covered MOAB-type effect combined with the Hoy/Busch handling
106 Chocolate-Covered Imagery Projection
107 Harry Houdini Does Time: pocket watch peek
112 Miracle Time II: discussion of an ungimmicked watch style that can be used for mentalism
116 Ned Rutledge Hangs Out: a special billet for Ned Rutledge's File Box from A Boon For All Seasons
122 T.A. Waters Objects!: a comedy double prediction
126 Dai Vernon Says "Gimme a Break" - an Incomparable Peek: a STEP peek for cards
138 There's Nothing Up My Sleeve Peek; It's Out of My Hands Peek; Tabling the Cards Peek; The Bicycle Built for Cue Peek: four peeks based on the Watch Your Step Peek
142 The Blind Man's Bluff Peeks - the "Here's Not Looking at You, Kid" Peeks: more variations
146 The Eye See Peek: a participant peek that cues one spectator in to the selection
149 A Hip Peek: for card
151 Just In Case Peek - La Peek De La Voyeur: peeking a card selection in the card box
154 ?Gimmicks?: essay on using shiners
155 A Coin In Mind: prediction of an invisible coin selection
163 Double-Date Delight! P.K. Coin Surprise!: date and value of a borrowed silver coin is predicted
166 Another Double Effect - P.K. Coin Surprise!: a coin is bent and vanishes in an envelope
170 Pre-Season Super Bowl; Something Borrowed - Something New: a triple prediction
175 Double Equiv-O.K.: prediction of the choice of several coins and heads or tails
179 The Legendary Billet of El Zorro - The Aristocrat of Peeks, Including More From the Order of the Chochem: a sure fire peek for a business card

204 Author's Postface
205 Two Parables and the Top 13 Quiz
209 Eqilogue (Cynthia Busch)