Hope Buttitta: It's Not Magic, It's Science!

Buttitta, Hope: It's Not Magic, It's Science!
©2005 Hope Buttitta Lark Books, NY
Hardcover, 8x9", 80 pages
ISBN: 1-57990-622-2

Also in softcover

Hope Buttitta: It's Not Magic, It's Science!
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Comments: Illustrated by Tom LaBaff & Orrin Lundgren. 50 Science Tricks that mystify, dazzle, & astond! Children's book of magic. Mostly stunts and experiments rather than magic tricks, though, but a nicely done book.


8 Lab Coat Magicians
10 Using This Book
13 Common Sense Tips

14 The Tricks
14 The Balancing Bottles: dollar bill removed from between two mouth-to-mouth bottles
16 The Great Phone Book Strength Test: two books mixed can't be pulled apart
17 Magnetic Water: turning a glass of water upside down without spilling
18 Egg With Legs: one egg jumps to another glass when blown
19 In-Egg-Splicable: putting an egg in a bottle
20 Eggs Of Steel: lesson on the strength of an egg shape
21 Won't Do It, Can't Make Me: challenge spectator to blow a paper into a bottle
22 Air Cannon: making one
23 Fun With Vortex Generators: more ideas
25 Light-Headed: blowing up a balloon inside a bottle
26 Is The Hand Quicker Than The Eye?: lesson
27 Boiling Ice: experiment with steel wool, ice, and a lighter
28 Pinky Power: preventing spectator from standing up
29 Chair Lift: another strength test stunt
30 Balloon Kebabs: needle a balloon without popping it
31 Balloon First-Aid: clever experiment with a penny in a balloon
32 Bed of Nails: balloons don't pop on a bed of nails
34 Napping On Nails, Walking On Fire: lesson
35 Simply Marble-Ous: moving a marble with a bottomless cup
36 Sharp As A Knife: penetrate an apple with a straw
37 The Big Bounce: experiment with a deflated basketball
38 Soda Squirt: shaken soda can doesn't spurt
40 Can Crusher: crushing a can on the stove top
41 The Science Of Flying And Floating: lesson
42 Up, Down, And All Around: three experiments with wind
44 The Cackling Cup: a paper cup makes a laughing sound
45 One Tough Toothpick: challenge to break a toothpick
46 Hot Or Cold?: a sensory illusion
47 Swimsuit, Sunblock, Ice Axe: lesson
48 Ice Fishing: lifting an ice cube with a string
49 Fireproof!: balloon doesn't pop when held over a flame
50 The Precarious Penny: balancing a penny on a spinning coat hanger
52 What Moves You?: lesson
53 Balancing Act: balancing a fork and spoon on a glass
54 One-Buck Bunny Hop: jumping over a dollar bill challenge
55 Magic Hand: color change trick
56 More is Less: water and alcohol mixed makes less liquid
57 Tightrope Walking Water: an experiment in capillary action
58 No-Sip Straws: using two straws, spectator can't drink the water
59 Waterproof Paper: paper stays dry under water
60 Eye Fooling: lesson
61 Umm, There's a Hole in Your Hand: optical illusion
68 Something Fishy: spinning picture optical illusion
63 Materialize This!: experiment in after images
64 The Spinning Disk: B&W spinning disk shows colors
66 Quivering Hand: motion after effect optical illusion
67 Magic Cloth: handkerchief under a flame doesn't burn
68 How Houdini Did It: lesson
69 Disappearing Water: using slush powder
70 Electrified Fruit: electricity from a lemon
71 Tough Tissue: broom handle won't break tissue cover
72 Firestarter Fingers: making smoke and glowing fingertips
73 Money Grabber: bill drop challenge
74 Perfectly Peculiar Paper Rings: the Afghan bands
76 Hopping Dice: stunt with a dice cup or mug

77 Take a Bow!
78 Glossary
80 Metric Conversions
80 Template
80 Index