Cameron, Charles: Devil's Diary
©1976 Charles Cameron
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x10", 52 pages
Devil's Diary
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Comments (qr):  Charles Cameron’s third book of bizarre and macabre mysteries. For those who like to dabble in the UNKNOWN, for necromancers and sorcerers and all who haunt the blackness of the night in their attempts to conjure up shadowy shapes from the strange World of the Beyond. The only ingredients required to cast the necessary spells are Imagination, the ability to weave a suitable tale of the Uncanny and the various methods contained within this book..

Contents (from book ToC, updated Feb 2022):

3 Dedication
5 Introduction

7 From Satan With Hell-Fire
12 Strange Brew
12 - Cat Sorcery
13 - Ghostly Raps
13 - Ghostly Lights
14 - Ghostly Faces
15 - Spirit Bell
17 The Key to the Lock of Fate (Stanley Jaks)
19 The Sorcerer’s Signature (Tony Shiels)
20 A Vampire Cometh!
23 The Scroll Of Chai Lung
27 Voodoo Doll (Danny Tong)
30 Death by Thought (Leslie May)
32 Voice From The Tomb
38 Symbol Of Power
41 Breath Of Lucifer
43 Demon’s Choice
46 Astro Zodiac
49 Guardian Of The Tomb
52 Conclusion