Cameron, Charles: Handbook of Horror
©1969 Charles Cameron, Supreme Magic Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x8", 43 pages
Handbook of
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Comments (qr): Handbook of Horror contains 12 weird and unusual effects most of which can be performed with a minimum of cost and without requiring specially made apparatus. However, Cameron also includes certain items, which may be of special interest to devotees of spook magic and those who would like to create a theatrical séance. Weird and bizarre effects to create the illusion of the supernatural in a pleasant - but terrifying way.


4 Dedication
6 Foreword
8 Burn Witch Burn: chosen wax doll bursts into flames
10 The Power of Ra Mentaz: An unusual shaped ring, removed from a mummified finger vanishes and returns
12 Cards of Chance: Numerology
16 The Invisible Visible: A test allowing you to give the sitter a reading
18 Behold...Bewitchment: A demonstration of Pseudo Hypnosis that would work very well in a modern day dressing performed with the 'psychological' touch
21 Call Back the Dead: The bizarrist recreates the ancient ritual of The Long Dead
26 Beyond the Grave: A message from a long dead Egyptian Mummy
29 Through Space and Time: A person not present is able to reveal facts they couldn’t possibly know
31 Invocation: An ancient ritual to make someone come to you
34 The Ghostly Finger Writes: An ancient Demon reveals himself
36 Slide Rule Astrology: A clever dressing to give the sitter a reading and reveal her sign of the zodiac. No questions asked!
40 Manikin Macabre: A ghost story that presents an eerie effect when viewed by candlelight and when properly performed really does smack of Black Magick.
43 Conclusion