Cameron, Charles: Witches' Brew
©1967 A Supreme Magic Publication, Bideford, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36 pages
Witches' Brew
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Comments (qr): Illustrations by Corth. From the intro, "This weird concoction known as “WITCHES BREW” is offered to necromancers, sorcerers and to all those nighthawks who dabble in the strange and the mysterious." A demonical dozen effects.


3 Dedication
4 The Power Of The Pentagram: Simon Debofray’s Prediction Of Over 300 Years Ago Reveals A Strange Message
6 Out Of The Body: A Strange Potion Enables Th Occultist To Release His Astral Body And Freely Move Through Space And Time
9 Ten Talons Of Taz: The Keeper Of Ancient Mysteries, Half Man, Half Demon, Comes To Meet You
11 Power Of The Mummy: A Strip Of Grave Cloth – Apparently Indestructible Until Recovered From The Bolt Of Solomon Which Imprisons It, When It Vanishes In A Flash And A Whiff Of, Dare We Say, Brimstone
14 Ritual Of El Shaitan: One Of The Most Convincing And Frightening Demonstrations Of ‘psychic Forces’ At Work You Can Ever Present
18 Old Mother Long Nose: The Matted Hair And Scalp Of A 17th Century Edinburgh Witch Reveals Thoughts, Then Vanishes, Returning To The Grave
21 Pages From The Book Of Thoth: A Small Doll And Cards From A Tarot Pack Are Used In A Cunning Divination Plot
24 Mirror Of Fate: A Mirror, Set In A Curiously Carved Frame, Provides One Of The Seven Mystic Gateways Into The Beyond
26 Dial H … For Hell: The Performer Proves He Has A Direct Line To Hell
28 Catch Me A Demon: A Screaming Demon Rushes Around The Room Then Disappears
29 Whispering Skulls: A Parchment Enables You To Answer A Spectator’s Question And To Reveal Her Innermost Thoughts
32 Alchemists Nightmare: Lead Or Silver Into Gold, Magick Recipe Of Old … But Something Goes Wrong
35 Conclusion