Loring Campbell: Magic That Is Magic
Campbell, Loring: Magic That Is Magic
©1946 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 76 pages
Loring Campbell: Magic That Is Magic
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Comments: Illustrations by Mel. Loring's second book after "This is Magic".

Contents (from book):

7 Author’s Note (Loring Campbell)
9 Introduction (Duke Montague)

11 Magic That is Magic
11 Stage Setting: ideas for setting up your stage
14 - Chair Covers: design to adapt a regular chair for performance
15 Stage Lighting
16 Magic and Radio Combined: routine for the Crstal Handkerchief Casket, spring balls, etc.
19 The Miser’s Dream: using 24 palming coins and a pail
21 A Spirit Picture: image of person on selected card appears on handkerchief
23 Water on the Brain: comedy routine with a squirting wand
25 Magical Marksmanship: full routine with a 20th Century Flag, Magic Card Case, Pistol and pistol tube, etc.
27 An Easy Thumb Tie
28 Passe Passe Confetti Cups: confetti transposes between two cups
31 A Comedy Slate Routine: using a flap slate
33 My Popcorn Routine: popcorn routine using a popcorn vanishing box
37 One Man Nest of Boxes: construction of boxes detailed
38 The Lemon and Bill Routine: using Tommy Windsor's Dye Box
40 Borrowed Coin in Locked Boxes: Loring's routine for the coin in nested boxes
42 A Silk and Water Routine: using a Foo Can
43 The Surpriso Card Trick: a card trick for the stage, using a card stand
46 The Vanishing Cigarette Holder: using the P&L Vanishing Cigarette Holder
47 Production Box and Devil of a Hat Routine: using a Jap Production Box and a Devil of a Hat
48 The Stamp Album: with tips on making your own
51 Silk Production From a Boy’s Coat: with patter
52 Magic Soda Fountain: routine for your trick funnel
54 How to Force a Color: force one of four colors
55 My 20th Century Silk Trick
57 Eggs From a Hat: basic routine described
58 Production Egg Bag: comedy patter included, uses egg bag that holds 7 eggs
60 Jumbo Svengali Deck Routine
62 A Card in Balloon: using a stage gimmick and assistant
64 Some Ideas (Ten Tricks)
64 - Rice, Orange and Bottle: using beans instead of rice
64 - Lota Bowl: using more than one
64 - The Card Spider: card appears on a web
65 - Sympathetic Silks: a wand idea
66 - The Loring Checker Cabinet: routine
67 - The Devils Sticks a.k.a. Pillars of Satan: using two sets
67 - The Candle Tube: idea
68 - Rice Bowls: tip for using the celluloid disk
69 - Abbott's Pop-Up Cigar Trick: using rubber hot dogs
69 - The Bonus Genius: changing out the doll for a clown

70 Photo: Kathryne Campbell and Lusie, her vent doll
71 Ventriloquism
72 Near Ventriloquism: making a dummy talk
74 A Dialogue: comedy
75 Some Special Effects: making the dummy cry, etc.
76 Distant Ventriloquism: a brief lesson in distant throwing your voice