Campbell, Loring: This is Magic!
©1945 Abbott's Magic & Novelty Co., Colon, Michigan
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 60 pages
This Is Magic!
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Comments: A newer edition of this book was combined with "That is Magic" into a single volume.

Contents: (updated 4/2014 - I was missing some contents)

1 Author's Note
3 Introduction by William W. Larsen
5 Card-in-Egg Routine
7 Comedy Block Trick
8 Cut and Restored Rope
11 The Guillotine Illusion
13 Passe Card and Silk
14 Multiplying Golf Balls
16 Girl Through Needle's Eye
18 A Ring and Half-Dollar Routine
20 Sun and Moon Trick
23 Spirit Slate Test for Club Shows
25 Multiplying Thimbles
27 Houdini Card Trick
29 A Production Box
30 Three "Can" Monte
32 A Hat Load
34 The Magic Beads
35 Watch Restoration
36 Printing by Magic
38 A Giant Card Stabbing Trick
39 A Timely Trick
41 Shooting Handkerchief Through Girl
42 Comedy Card, Silk And Snake
44 A Spirit Trick
45 Drawer Box Pistol Tube
46 The Traveling Stamps
47 An Easy Snake Trick
49 Spirit Photography
50 A Patriotic Trick
52 Mindreading Pencils
53 Magic Guinea Pig
55 Spirit Mirror
56 Cards In Carrots
58 A Closing Trick
60 Some Ideas