Campbell, Loring: This is Magic...That Is Magic!
©1985 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 138 pages
This is Magic...That
              is Magic!
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Loring Campbell: This is Magic That Is Magic

Comments: This compilation includes both "This is Magic" and "Magic That Is Magic". This is Magic was originally written in 1945, and Magic That Is Magic was written in 1946.


1 Author's Note (This is Magic)
3 Introduction (William W. Larsen)
5 Card In-Egg Routine
7 Comedy Block Trick
8 Cut And Restored Rope
11 The Guillotine Illusion
13 Passe Cards And Silk
14 Multiplying Golf Balls
16 Girl Through Needle's Eye
18 Ring And Half Dollar Routine
20 Sun And Moon Trick
23 Spirit Slate Test For Club Shows
25 Multiplying Thimbles
27 Houdini Card Trick
29 A Production Box
30 Three "Can" Monte
32 A Hat Load
34 The Magic Beads
35 Watch Restoration
36 Printing By Magic
38 Giant Card Stabbing Trick
39 A Timely Trick
41 Shooting Hank Thru Girl
42 Comedy Card, Silk And Snake
44 A Spirit Trick
45 Drawer Box Pistol Tube
46 The Traveling Stamps
47 An Easy Snake Trick
49 Spirit Photography
50 A Patriotic Trick
52 Mindreading Pencils
53 Magic Guinea Pig
55 Spirit Mirror
56 Cards In Carrots
58 A Closing Trick
60 Some Ideas

67 Author's Note (Magic That Is Magic)
69 Introduction
71 Stage Setting
75 Stage Lighting
76 Magic And Radio Combined
79 The Miser's Dream
81 Spirit Picture
83 Water On The Brain
85 Magical Marksmanship
87 An Easy Thumb Tie
88 Passe Passe Confetti Cups
91 Comedy Slate Routine
93 My Popcorn Routine
97 One-Man Nest Of Boxes
98 Lemon And Bill Routine
100 Borrowed Coin In Locked Boxes
102 Silk And Water Routine
103 Surpriso Card Trick
106 Vanishing Cigarette Holder
107 Production Box And Devil Of A Hat Routine
108 The Stamp Album
111 Silk Production From Boy's Coat
112 The Magic Soda Fountain
114 How To Force A Color
117 Eggs From Hat
118 Production Egg Bag
120 Jumbo Svengali Deck Routine
122 Card In Balloon
124 Some Ideas
131 Ventriloquism
132 Near Ventriloquism
134 A Dialogue
135 Some Special Effects With The Dummy
136 Distant Ventriloquism