Chan Canasta: Book of Oopses
Canasta, Chan: Book of Oopses
©1966 Chan Canasta, George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages
Chan Canasta Book of Oopses
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts

Comments: "being a collection of thrilling experiments in which the book itself plays the part of the mind-reader." When the reader follows the instructions, the book correctly knows what you are thinking. Not all of the experiments are foolproof.

Contents (from book):

2 Introduction
4 Oops 1 Fifty Years of History: math stunt
6 Oops 2 Strange Distant Cities: picking a city, not 100%
8 Oops 3 Matches and Loose Change: a magic square of sorts
10 Oops 4 Matches Not for Burning: math stunt
12 Oops 5 Pieces of Cards: recalling a card, not 100%
14 Oops 6 Writing on the Wall: variation on clock trick
16 Oops 7 Dear Old Pals: name selection
18 Oops 8 Mystery of Undamaged Pips: determining card values
20 Oops 9 Look Out for a Number: 1089 trick
22 Oops 10 Making a Sentence of Nonsense: choosing a sentence, not 100%
24 Oops 11 Pick a Card of Fortune: not 100%
26 Oops 12 Crosses to Touch: predicting which x will be touched
28 Oops 13 Think of a Number: predicted
30 Oops 14 Put In a Word or Two: creating a word from letters
32 Oops 15 Four Kings Into Exile: two cards found together in the pack
34 Answers: to page 48