J.C. Cannell: The Master Book of Magic
Cannell, J.C.: The Master Book of Magic
©1935 Quaker Oats, London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 4.5x7", 64 pages
J.C. Cannell: The Master Book of Magic
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Comments: sponsored by Quaker Oats, a book of beginner's magic.

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Introduction

6 Chapter I Secrets Of A Famous Magician Revealed
6 The Ordeal Of Being Buried Alive
8 Escaping From A Milk-Can
9 The Vanishing Elephant
10 The Disappearing Horseman
11 Needles and Thread
12 Through A Brick Wall

15 Chapter II Miscellaneous Tricks
15 Tricks With Handkerchiefs
18 Tricks With Rings
19 Tricks With Matches
21 Tricks With Coins
24 Tricks To Do At The Table After Tea Or Dinner, Such As The Mystery Of The Burning Sugar Lump
25 A Trick With Three Match Boxes
27 With A Tablecloth
37 With A Ball Of Wool And A Shilling
38 The Domino Trick

39 Chapter III Mysterious Thought-Reading Tricks
39 How To Read Without Seeing It, The Contents Of A Page In A Book Selected By Somebody Else
41 An Amazing Mind-Reading Trick With A Newspaper
43 Reading The Hidden Writing Contained In A Sealed Envelope
47 A Watch Mystery
48 Telling the Card
49 An Easy But Baffling Slate Trick

50 Chapter IV Card Tricks
50 Secret Codes With Cards
51 How To Memorise The Whole Pack By Means Of An Extremely Simple Code
52 The Boomerang Trick
53 How To Separate The Black Cards From The Red In Any Pack When All The Cards Are Face Downwards
54 The Magnetic Cards
55 A Good Prophet, Etc.