Cannell, John Clucas: Modern Conjuring for Amateurs
1938 E.G. Ellisdon, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 333 pages

1950 C. Arthur Pearson Ltd, London

J.C. Cannell Modern Conjuring for Amateurs
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JC Cannell: Modern Conjuring for Amateurs
Pearson Book Edition
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J.C. Cannell: Modern Conjuring for Amateurs
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Comments: More than just magic. Also contains puzzles, games, hand shadows and ventriloquism! An abridged version of this book was produced in 1940, titled "Modern Conjuring", with only a sub-set of these effects. 


9 Chapter 1 Conjuring With Coins
9 Sleights Used in Conjuring With Coins
9 - To Palm A Coin
11 - Another Useful Palm
12 - The French Drop, or Tourniquet
13 - To Change a Coin (H. de Manche): one handed coin change
16 Coin Tricks
17 To Vanish a Coin from the Table
18 Another Coin Vanish
19 The Mysterious Match-box: Spinning coin is slapped down with a matchbox and the coin is found inside the box
20 A Chinese Coin Trick (P.T. Selbit): a coin is trapped in the center of a handkerchief by a finger ring and the corners held by the spectator's, yet magician removes the coin
22 The Oriental Coin and String Trick: Magician removes Oriental coin from a string
24 Coin and Glass Trick (Chas. O. Williams): coin seems to penetrate bottom of a glass
26 To Place a Marked Florin and a Penny in Two Separate Handkerchiefs and Make them Change Places at Command
27 After Wrapping Four Florins Securely in a Handkerchief, to Cause Them to Vanish, and be Afterwards Found in the Possession of the Person Holding the Handkerchief

31 Chapter 2 Card Tricks
31 The Four Burglars: Four Jacks rise to the top
34 Divination: Magician can name the top cards of three piles (one ahead)
36 An Exhibition of Thought-Reading: a mathematical card divination
40 The Disappearing Ace: Ace of Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds are placed near the top, bottom, and middle of the deck. The Ace of Diamonds vanishes and is found in the magician's pocket
44 Another Thought-Reading Trick: another card revelation
47 Hypnotic Selection: another one ahead presentation
51 The Four Burglars Again: The Four Jacks come together once again
54 Another Method of Divination: values written on papers match the selected cards. Uses a series of mnemonics.
59 Bringing Back the Ashes: initials of selection appear in black ash on spectator's palm
62 Thought-Reading Extraordinary: four selections are determined through a series of questions

67 Chapter 3 Tricks And Puzzles with Matchsticks
67 Dividing the Inheritance: puzzle
68 Boy Scouts' Bridle: puzzle
69 Doubling the Area: puzzle
69 Easy Multiplication: puzzle
70 Subtle Subtraction: puzzle
71 Singular Subtraction: puzzle
71 Twenty-Five From Six: puzzle
72 Matchstick on the Plate: puzzle
73 One-Square Puzzle: puzzle
73 Two-Square Puzzle: puzzle
74 Three-Square Puzzle: puzzle
75 Six-Square Puzzle: puzzle
75 Six From Six Leaves Two: puzzle
76 Eight from Fifteen: puzzle
77 Eight-Square Puzzle: puzzle
77 Nine-Square Puzzle: puzzle
78 Nine Squares to Five: puzzle
79 Outlining the Squares: puzzle
80 Geometrical Nine: puzzle
80 The Diangle Puzzle: puzzle
81 Five-Diamond Puzzle
81 Another Five-Diamond Puzzle
82 Squares and Triangles: puzzle
83 More Squares and Triangles: puzzle
84 Five-Triangle Puzzle
84 Counting the Squares: puzzle
85 Four In Line: puzzle
86 One Shall Be Left: puzzle
87 Three Way Bridge: Balance three matchsticks on three tumblers to hold a fourth
88 Four-Way Bridge: as above with 4 matches
88 All Together: puzzle
89 Which End First?: which end will burn first?
90 Lifting the Tripod: lift three matches with the fourth
91 Animated Matchsticks: matches walk on knife
92 Removing the Support: Take away cup without disturbing match
92 The Unsupported Bridge: another version
93 The Intersecting Point: optical illusion
94 Middle Measurement: more illusions
95 Upright Elongation: optical illusions
96 Tracing the Course: more illusion
96 Length Versus Breadth: more optical illusion
97 Judging the Distance: optical illusion
98 Unsquaring the Square: optical illusion
98 Transformed Star: science experiment
99 Releasing the Coin: release the coin
100 Matchstick Capillarism: more science with matches
101 Shooting Stars: another pretty effect
102 Crossing the Points: matchstick game
103 Boxes: another game
105 Straights and Crosses: Matchstick game and how to win
106 Fifteen Matchstick Game: another game and how to win
107 Majority Matchstick Game: with 21 matches
108 Matchstick Models: making pictures with matches
112 The Farmer's Four Donkeys: A story done with matches

114 Chapter 4 Paper Magic
114 Trough: paper fold table
116 Easy Aeroplane Fold: paper airplane
118 Chrysalis Beads: paper beads for necklaces, decoration
120 Christmas Crackers: Making your own
122 Slap Bang: paper design makes a whip crack sound
123 Doorway Scoring Game: for marbles
125 Submarine: a small paper boat propels in water
125 Squeaker: paper noisemaker
127 Fire Resisting Paper: solution
128 Home Made Electricity: experiment
129 Adhesion: with electrified paper
130 Repulsion: with electrified paper
130 Attraction: with electrified paper
130 Revolving Serpent: spinning paper over candle
131 Samson Paper: seemingly strong paper experiment
132 Cover the Spot: carnival game
134 Multum per Parvum: Walk through a postcard
135 Boomerang: finger-sized
136 The Recrossing Cross: another flying paper
137 Picture Postcard Frame: paper fold
138 Paper Flowers: how to
141 Fairy Flower: pretty paper creation
142 Serviette Folding: Intro to table decorating
143 Water Lily: napkin fold
144 Christmas Decorations: intro to paper chains
144 Plain Chain: paper chain
145 Compound Chain: combining papers
146 Lattice Chain: another design
146 Paper Basket: suspends

149 Chapter 5 Juggling
149 How to Give a Performance: tips
150 Exercises: beginning
151 Beginning Juggling with two balls
152 Increasing number of balls
153 Juggling Other Articles
155 Costume
157 Full Juggling Routine With Unique Ideas
164 An Encore: more ideas

170 Chapter 6 Ventriloquism
170 The Ventriloquial Voice: creating a good voice and pronouncing words
172 First Stage - Voice Production: exercises
173 The Ventriloquial Figure: all about the doll
178 Manipulation of Ventriloquial Figures: more lessons
182 Second Stage - Figure Manipulation: exercises
182 Special Figure Movements
184 Ventriloquial Mimicry
186 Distant Voice Production: How to present the illusion
189 Distant Voice Production: Exercises

191 Chapter 7 Tricks With Ordinary Handkerchiefs
191 Parachute: toy
192 Doubling the Allotment: squares puzzle
193 The Puzzle Knot: tie a knot without letting go
194 The Stretched Handkerchief: opening flourish
196 The Salamandic Handkerchief:
197 Vanishing Handkerchief: vanishes in a flash
199 Knot Tying
201 The Instantaneous Knot
203 One-Handed Knot: First Method
204 One-Handed Knot: Second Method
206 Double Instantaneous Knot
207 The Secret Marriage
209 The Fetter Knot
212 Dissolving Double Knot
217 The Knot Which Is Knot
218 The Unknotable Handkerchief
219 The Burnt Handkerchief
222 The Cut Handkerchief
226 The Handkerchief Escape
228 Penetrating a Wall
230 The Terpsichorian Handkerchief

234 Chapter 8 Hand Shadows
234 The Light
238 The Projection Screen
243 General Arrangements
246 Advanced Practice
249 Hand Shadow Forms
250 Animal Forms: The Rabbit, The Fox and the Rabbit, The Wolf, etc.
266 Birds: The Pigeon, The Spider (okay, not a bird); The Vulture; The Duck, etc.
274 Figures With Accessories: The Smoker, The Barrister

278 Chapter 9 Tricks And Puzzles With Water and Liquids
278 The Impossible: Balancing a cup on a paper
280 A Quaint Mixture: Water and Coffee don't mix
281 On the Edge: Balance a glass on a card
284 Erasing the Pips: Pips of cards are apparently erased using water
289 The Passe-Passe Trick: with bottles and cups
295 The Indian Sands: sand remains dry
301 The Vanishing Water: from glass
306 The Aquarius Tube: water poured into paper tube, then dry items removed, and no water is found
310 Links: chain links dropped in a glass become linked
311: The Milk-Cans: with gimmiced cans
312 Water From Waste Paper: confetti in cup turns to water
313 Cotton Wool to Water: using a "coffee vase"
317 Silk from Water: a finale production effect

322 Chapter 10: Indoor Games
322 Silence
322 A Spoonful of Fun
323 Tinkle Tinkle
323 Animals
323 Steps
324 Shadow Buff
324 The Donkey's Tail
325 Hunt the Ring
325 Magic Music
326 Hot and Cold
326 Hissing and Clapping
327 Caterpillar
327 The Topsy-Turvy Concert
328 Hold Fast! Let Go!
328 Fly Away
329 The Sergeant
329 Post
330 The Concerted Sneeze
330 The Mouse
330 Speculation
331 Pope Joan