J.C. Cannell: Modern Conjuring
Cannell, J.C.: Modern Conjuring
©1947 E.G. Ellisdon, Ltd, London
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 98 pages
J.C. Cannell: Modern Conjuring
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Comments: This book contains a subset of the hardcover, "Modern Conjuring for Amateurs"

Contents (from book):

3 Chapter 1 Card Tricks
3 The Four Burglars: Four Jacks rise to the top
6 Divination: Magician can name the top cards of three piles (one ahead)
8 An Exhibition of Thought-Reading: a mathematical card divination
12 The Disappearing Ace: Ace of Clubs, Spades, and Diamonds are placed near the top, bottom, and middle of the deck. The Ace of Diamonds vanishes and is found in the magician's pocket
16 Another Thought-Reading Trick: another card revelation
19 Hypnotic Selection: another one ahead presentation
23 The Four Burglars Again: The Four Jacks come together once again

26 Chapter 2 Tricks With Ordinary Handkerchiefs
26 Parachute: toy
27 Doubling the Allotment: squares puzzle
28 The Puzzle Knot: tie a knot without letting go
29 The Stretched Handkerchief: opening flourish
31 The Salamandic Handkerchief: handkerchief does not catch fire
32 The Flash Handkerchief: Vanishing Handkerchief in a flash
34 The Acrobatic Handkerchief: caught and spun on a wand
35 Handkerchief Knotting Act
36 The Instantaneous Knot
38 One-Handed Knot: First Method
39 One-Handed Knot: Second Method
41 Double Instantaneous Knot

43 Chapter 3 Paper Magic
43 Trough: paper fold table
45 Easy Aeroplane Fold: paper airplane
47 Chrysalis Beads: paper beads for necklaces, decoration
49 Christmas Crackers: Making your own
51 Slap Bang: paper design makes a whip crack sound
52 Doorway Scoring Game: for marbles

54 Chapter 4 Conjuring With Coins
54 Sleights Used in Conjuring With Coins
54 - To Palm A Coin
56 - Another Useful Palm
57 - The French Drop, or Tourniquet
58 - To Change a Coin (H. de Manche): one handed coin change
61 Coin Tricks
62 To Vanish a Coin from the Table
63 Another Coin Vanish
64 The Mysterious Match-box: Spinning coin is slapped down with a matchbox and the coin is found inside the box
65 A Chinese Coin Trick (P.T. Selbit): a coin is trapped in the center of a handkerchief by a finger ring and the corners held by the spectator's, yet magician removes the coin
67 The Oriental Coin and String Trick: Magician removes Oriental coin from a string

70 Chapter 5 Tricks And Puzzles With Water and Liquids
70 The Impossible: Balancing a cup on a paper
72 A Quaint Mixture: Water and Coffee don't mix
73 On the Edge: Balance a glass on a card
76 Washing a Card: Pips of cards are apparently erased using water
81 The Passe-Passe Trick: with bottles and cups

87 Chapter 6 Tricks And Puzzles with Matchsticks
87 Dividing the Inheritance: puzzle
88 Boy Scouts' Bridle: puzzle
89 Doubling the Area: puzzle
89 Easy Multiplication: puzzle
90 Subtle Subtraction: puzzle
91 Singular Subtraction: puzzle
91 Twenty-Five From Six: puzzle
92 Matchstick on the Plate: puzzle
93 One-Square Puzzle: puzzle
93 Two-Square Puzzle: puzzle
94 Three-Square Puzzle: puzzle
95 Six-Square Puzzle: puzzle
95 Six From Six Leaves Two: puzzle
96 Eight from Fifteen: puzzle

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