Capehart, Chris: Streets Lecture Magic
©1998 Chris Capehart
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.x5x11", 28 pages
Capehart: Magic Streets Lecture
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Chris Capehart: Magic Streets Lecture

Comments: "Make $1500 a Week Doing it On the Streets".

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Bio
3 Choosing a Location
4 Appearance
4 Gathering a Crowd
5 What to Carry
5 Length of Show
5 Money to be Made
6 Collecting Money
6 Questions

8 Magic Effects:
8 Transposition Card Trick
9 Six Coins Across Street Style
13 Four Ace Card Trick
15 Continuous Coin
17 Color Changing Backs
19 Ones to Five
22 Hands Off

24 Illustrations:
24 The Making of Five to One
25 Moves Used in Six Coins Across
26 Card Sleights
27 Continuous Coin Moves
28 Money to be Made Table