Chris Carey: Find the Stuff That's You
Carey, Chris: Find the Stuff That's You
©1989 Elwyn Chris Carey, The Show-Pro Team, Inc., GA
Hardcover, w/dj, 270 pages
ISBN 1-877975-01-X
Chris Carey: Find the Stuff That's You
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Comments: There is a later edition with expanded contents.

Contents: (from first edition book ToC):

9 Preface

15 The Linking Ring Stuff
15 Confidentially, Young Magi
21 Turn On, Young Magi
27 Testing... 1... 2... 3
35 Wave a Wand...Pass the Kleenex
47 So You Wanna Be Spectacular

57 The Genii Stuff
57 The Last Word In Club Competition
65 Be a Pathetic Prestidigitator
69 I Swiped a Black Notebook

83 The Magic Manuscript Stuff
83 How to Be an Entertainer
97 How to Really Talk to an Audience
109 How to Work with Audience Volunteers
123 How to Do Theme Parks
135 How to Do School Shows
159 How to Tell Magic Stories
177 How to Put Music in Your Act
197 How to Publicize Yourself
223 How to Make Old Ideas Work Like New
237 How to Compete In the Real World

253 Appendix and Stuff
253 About Chris Carey
259 Index
269 Endorsements