John Carey: The Carey Files Vol One
Carey, John: The Carey Files, Volume 1
©2016 John Carey, Haresign Press
Softcover, perfect-bound, 128 pages
              Carey Files Volume 1
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3 Introduction (John Carey)
6 Spectator Open Prediction: spectator names card which proved to be card stopped at
7 Mysterious Metal: mystery card plot with four matching coins
8 Pocket Royale: card revelation ending in a Royal Flush
10 International Gadabout Coins: two in hand one in pocket with three different coins
11 Finnell as I Finnell!: Do as I Do cards
12 Thoughts on Leech: card trick based on Al Leech's Spectator Does a Trick
14 One for the Bar!: photo sent to spectator matches selection
15 Past Present and ?: fortune telling theme card trick
17 Ten Tips On Creativity: essay
18 The T.M Spread Force: semi-automatic card force
19 Time to Time: card piece inspired by Richard Sander's King Thing
20 Biddle goes to Dunbury!: small packet approach using the Biddle move
22 Bold Deal Force: card force
23 Stealth Assembly: another approach to the Four Ace Assembly based on a John Bannon trick
25 Yes we Caan!: almost self working card at any number
27 Slipstream Aces: version of Alex Elmsley's 1002 Aces
29 Aces for Larry: adaptation of Larry Jennng's Larrollover Aces
31 Cull Force Finesse: force using Hofzinser spread cull
32 Espresso Ring: finger ring joins coins under a coffee cup
33 Bluff Stop Trick: spectator stops on their card selection
34 Gemini Prediction: using Karl Fulves Gemini Mates for a card prediction & using two decks and some business cards
36 Prediction A la Carte: sleight of hand approach of the above using one deck
37 Wired!: routine for the commercial Wiregrams prop
39 Three in One: card experiment in magic, telepathy, and telekinesis
41 A la Goldman: Do As I Do using two decks, based on Bill Goldman's One for the Money
42 Mutual Exchange: copper silver coin transpo using ungimmicked coins
43 A Game of Make Believe...: stand up single coin (C/S) version of Tomoyuki Takahashi's Fading Coin
45 One Thought Across: cards across
47 B’lieve A Homage to Maven: ungaffed approach to Max Maven's B'wave
49 Some Random Thoughts On Card Magic: essay
50 Think-a-Card Triumph: mixed up deck straightens except for thought of card
52 Inevitable: no gaff, two deck version of Mark Eldon's Inevitable
53 When Two Minds Meet...: mental card mystery
55 Me and You: triple prediction card performance piece, almost self working
57 Invisicard (w/Paul Cummins): small packet trick
58 Mentalcaan: Practical approach with a twist
60 Smartcaan: using your Smartphone texting
61 Simplex Card in Purse: using two small coin purses
63 Signed Bill to Purse
65 Mirror Match: ESP matching
67 Homage to Roth: variant of Roth's Wild Coin
69 Opening Salvo-Coins to Purse: an opener
71 Time Traveller: cards are eliminated but end up with the same amount
73 The Deal Ruse Card Force
74 Indeed we CAAN!: using Ray Gouelet's devious deal and shuffle ruse
75 Raj’s Pyramid Prediction (Raj Madhok): spectator builds a triangle of cards to match a prediction
77 Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater (Tom Dobrowolski): Lie Detector card plot
81 Uprising (John Bannon): small packet elevetor effect
84 Impromptu Hat Trick (Mark Ennis): triple card prediction match with a twist
86 Lifted Again (Shannon Clark): Using the Queens and a bottom cutting breather card
89 Every Which Way PLUS (J.K. Hartman): small packet Triumph
91 Poker Face (Liam Montier): spectator gets a pretty good Poker hand
95 Practical Joker (Jason Dean): Joker whispers names of two selections, then transposes with them
97 Misdirection Misconception (Keith Bennett): Essay - time misdirection, action in transit
101 The Karachi Fried Chicken Trick (Keith Bennett): magician removes one card from the deck, which matches any card named by the spectator
103 Impromptu Foursome (Peter Duffie): spelling card effect based on Henry Christ premise
105 Busted Flush (Ryan Matney): strolling Royal Flush routine
108 Offshore Banking (Tyer Erickson): magician determines selection as Spectator calls out the cards
111 X Gon’ Give It To Ya (Phill Smith): spectator picks only card that is marked on the back
115 Sort of Epic (Jack Tighe): triple card prediction using cut deeper force
118 Pick Up Mix (Jack Tighe): a false shuffle
119 Final Words And Thanks