Carey, John: Crafted With Carey
©2015 John Carey, Magicseen
Hardcover, 200 pages
ISBN 978-0-9566539-4-9
John Carey Crafted
              With Carey
Image courtesy MagicSeen
John Carey: Crafted With Carey


Contents (from book, page numbers updated Dec 2019):

5 Foreword (John Bannon)
7 Introduction (John Carey)

11 1 Deck Do As I Do
13 A Little O & W: Oil & Water
17 A Mystery In Time (George McBride): uses to identical Jokers
20 Aces At Large: spectator cuts to the Aces
22 Aces From The Dust
24 Bluff Thought Sender: with cards
26 Christ Cross Searchers: using Christ Cross Force
29 Dead Cut: easy card at any number plot
31 Easy As One, Two, Three: classic inversion coupled with Paul Cummins Flasher premise
33 Everywhere Ya Go!: streamlined Hofzinser Everywhere and Nowhere
36 Fechter Meets Daley: synergy of Daley's Last Trick and Eddie Fechter's Have I Got a Surprise For You
38 Flip Flop Card Force
39 Gemini Reflections: self-working spectator and magician select same card
41 Hands Off Ambition/Card In Box
43 If We Could Turn Back Time: cards
45 Illogical Invisible Countdown
47 Impossible Conclusion: inspired by Jennings' Impossible card effect
51 (Triple) Inpurseination: copper, to silver to Chinese coin, etc.; using a coin purse
56 It’s A Mystery: mystery card plot
58 It’s All In The Name: another mystery card plot
60 It’s Out Of My Hands: cards
62 Just Make A Wish: folded card imagined by spectator appears inside a matchbox
64 Just Make Believe: cards across
67 Kinda Mysterious: synergy of Mystery Card and Universal Card plots
69 Kung Fu Do As I Do: using the old slap discovery
70 Lark Hill Opener! :with four Aces
73 Mind To Mind: card mentalism
75 Moving On Up: elevator card plot
77 My Luck And Your Thought: cards
80 Neither Short Sighted Nor Mad!: cards
82 On The Up, Up, Up!: Queens effect
84 One Thought, One Outcome: any card thought of to wallet; using a loading wallet
87 Opening Number: combo of Open Prediction and Card at a Number
89 Piggy In The Middle: inspired by Bill Goldman's Monkey in the Middle, using regular deck
91 Problem Solving: brief essay
92 Pseudo Vernon: based on Vernon's Out of Sight, Out of Mind card effect
95 Quattro!: quick production of the four Aces
96 Ribbon Spread Force
97 Sans Stackus: impromptu thought of card effect
99 Shh... It’s A Mystery: approach to Bother Hamman card classic
101 Photos: Caricature and and photos section
105 Simple Fusion: card signature fusion
109 Split And Spread Control: table top control
111 The Summer Of ‘76: card sandwich effect
113 SWI Interchange: four card transposition
116 Tag Team Holdout: utility move for holding out a small packet
117 Take Her Home And Poker!: routine
120 The Card That Tells The Future: using a loose cold reading theme
122 The Hands Off ‘Dribble’ Force
123 The Paradox Card: another mystery card plot; uses two red backed blanks
124 The Teleport Card
127 Thinkenisis: almost self-working thought-of card
129 Thinking And Syncing: another thought of card plot
132 Three Chances: selection appears between two other card choices
135 Two Minds And Two Decks: 2 deck you do as I do
137 When Two Hearts: card routine for couples
139 With Thanks To Justin!: control sequence
141 Working Wild!: wild coin plot, using old pennies and soft half dollars
144 You Have The Power: card selection finds three mates
149 Your Thought And Your Card: includes a card change

151 Magicseen Magazine Article: From Hot Sales to Hot Soup; interview
155 Quick Fire Questions: and answers

157 Friends of JC
158 The Esteemed (John Bannon): Ace assembly
162 Pocket Interchange (Jack Carpenter): Aces and Kings transpostion
165 Invisible Touch (Shannon Clark): cards
173 Double Open Un-Gaffed (Jason Dean): version of David Solomon's Double Open card trick
175 Jacks Still Travel (Peter Duffe): cards
178 Finding Yourself (Andrew Gerard): cards
181 Mind’s PSI (JK Hartman): cards
195 Life Force Triangle (Raj Madhok): impromptu numerological mystery with paper and pen
187 Twilight Zone (Glenn Morphew): card routine with the Jacks
190 Peeping Tom (Michael Murray): card location inside the pocket
194 Count On It Again (Gary Plants): cards

199 And Finally...