Carlisle, Stanton: Dynamic Mentalism
©1979 Supreme Magic, Bideford, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8x10", 84 pages
Carlisle: Dynamic Mentalism
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Comments (qr): Isn’t it amazing how a simple phrase or idea can give you a hook? Yes, the very hook that frames a pedestrian trick and turns it into a miracle. Henning Nelms book on Showmanship was full of ideas on how to find such hooks. Once you have the hook, the whole presentation falls naturally into place. The first routine in this book by Stanton Carlisle is a great hook, even if it is for a card trick. But, you see the hook can be used for other effects where cards aren’t even used. Here the Chain of Thought effect is where a chain of spectators each add to a thought to come up with a playing card and the performer then shows a chained deck containing his prediction. One thought logically leads to the next.

Contents (from book ToC, page numbers added Feb 2019):

3 Dedication
3 Foreword (Sue de Courcy)
7 Author's Preface
10 Chain Of Thought
13 Predictaword
16 Predictaword II
17 The Spirits Write Again
22 The Signature Tells: another idea for a hook if you do any type of graphology routine
25 The Zenith Question Answering Presentation
29 The Annemannesque Book Test
32 The Masks Men Wear
38 Personalizing Your Presentation
45 Thanks To Voltaire
48 Know…Will…Dare…Keep Silent!
58 Shoot To Kill!
66 The Exploitation Of Memory