Carlile, Stanton: Master-Mentality
©1975 Supreme Magic, England
Hardcover w/DJ, 88 pages
Stanton Carlisle Master Mentality
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Stanton Carlisle: Master-Mentality



3 Dedication
7 Foreword (Ken de Courcy)
9 Introduction
11 The Amazing Stanton Carlisle (Edwin)
13 In the Beginning...
17 New Horizons
19 The Correct Approach to Mind Reading
23 Contact and Non Contact Mind-Reading
31 Choosing, Controlling and Dismissing Assistants
35 The 'S.C.' Learning by Performing Methodology
43 The Inner-Secrets of the Art
49 Personal Publicity
55 Sensational Presentations
67 Effective Patter Presentations
71 The Perpetual Challenge
75 Winning the Audience
79 Showmanship and Presentation: incorporating photos, stationary, timing, etc.
86 Other Interesting Books
87 And In Conclusion...