Carlisle, Stanton: Mentalism for Connoisseurs
©1980 Stanton Carlisle, Supreme Magic, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 53 pages
Mentalism for Connoisseurs
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Stanton Carlisle: Mentalism for Connoisseurs



i Dedication
4 Foreword (George Blake)
5 Author's Foreword
6 Thoughts Winged Flight
10 Mind Control ... In Action
15 Psycho-matic
19 The "Bent Medium's" Switcheroo
25 Money Making Mentalism
29 Astrological Signs and Symbols
31 How to Tell Fortunes with Dice and Dominoes
34 The Day for Any Given Birthdate Formula
38 Mentalism Supreme
46 Appendix "A"
50 Appendix "B"