Carl, James: Practical Conjuring
©1911 E.J. Furniss, Printer, Derby
Hardcover, 29 pages
James Carl Practical Conjuring
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Comments: James Carl, the Derby Conjuror, Member of the Magic Circle, London. Price Two Shillings Nett. James Carl lived from 1875-1955.

Contents (from book):

5 Box, Handkerchief and Colour Change: Uses a "card and bird box" and a changing (dye) tube
7 Handkerchief changed to Silk Ribbons: Variation of gimmick to produce ribbons
8 The New Magic Knots: Silks become untied in a hat
10 Wax, Ball and Handkerchief: Handkerchief to ball and back again, uses gimmicked ball
11 Egg, Glass and Handkerchief: a use for your bottomless tumbler
12 Tricks with Cigars: preparing the cigar
12 New Sleights with Cigars: change over palm, production
14 Cigar Vanish and Recovery No. 1
15 Cigar Vanish and Recovery No. 2
16 Cigar Vanish and Recovery No. 3
16 To make One Cigar into Two
17 How to change a Borrowed Watch for a Dummy: a switch
17 Hook for Watch, Rabbit and nest of Boxes: idea for a hook made from common hardware
17 The Changing Florins: Florins to Pennies and back again
18 How to Produce a Live Bantam Cockerel from an Opera Hat: a load
19 Twelve Court Cards placed in a Glass change to Twelve ordinary held in the hand (Mr. Chapender): uses flap cards
20 Carl's New Cup and Saucer for Confetti: gimmicked cup
20 New Changing Table: Black Art table
21 A Simple Table to Load a Drum: how to make it
22 Table to Produce a Cannon Ball and Vanish a Rabbit: another magic table
23 Goldin's Levitation of a Rabbit: rabbit on a board suspends in front of the magician
24 Glass Water through the Hat: special table
25 The Man in the Moon or Photograph of Yourself: silks from a tambourine
26 Cannon Ball Servante: Idea to produce a 5" ball from a 3" servante
27 Funny Perriott Hat and Egg Trick: a puppet and egg production

28 Ad: James Carl, The Derby Conjuror
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