Paul Carlton: Magician's Handy Book of Cigarette Tricks
Carlton, Paul: Magician’s Handy Book Of Cigarette Tricks
©1933 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, NC
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 36 pages
Paul Carlton: Magician's Handy Book of Cigarette
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Comments: "Also Coin and Card Magic...The 23 Best Magic Tricks Done With Cigarettes, Cards & Coins”. Sponsored by Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Contents (from web description, some page numbers estimated):

2 The Charm of Magic
3 The Invisible Cigarette
4 Lit End First
5 The Mysterious Paper Bands: Afghan bands
6 Fair and Square
7 The Cat Comes Back: pieces of a cigarette join the others
8 The Telephone Card Trick
9 Reproducing Cigarettes
10 Coin Through a Handkerchief
12 Lights Out!
13 The Gambler’s Belt Trick
15 The Floating Cigarette
17 The Mysterious Coins
18 Photo: Bird's Eye View of R.J. Reynolds, NC
19 Photo: General offices of R.J. Reynolds, NY
20 Broken and Restored Cigarettes
21 Hand To Hand Tobacco Trick
22 The Mysterious Knot
23 The Jumping Cigarette
24 Pay As You Enter
25 Animal Magnetism
26 Dead or Alive?
27 Cigarettes From The Air
29 Remote Control
31 Close Quarters
33 The Magnetized Glass
34 It's Fun to Be Fooled: Comic explaining Duck from Coat
35 It's Fun to be Fooled: Comic explaining Ropes Made Whole
36 It’s Fun To Be Fooled: Comic exposing the vanishing bird cage
Inside Back Cover: Advertisement for Prince Albert in a Can Tobacco
Back Cover: Ad for Camel's Cigarettes