E. Raymond Carlyle: Lecture Notes
Carlyle, E. Raymond: Lecture Notes
©1998 Edward R. Fowler
Softcover, spiral bound, 8.5x11",
E. Raymond Carlyle: Lecture Notes
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Comments: Ray Carlyle is Edward Fowler's stage name.

Contents (from book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Before the Show The Working Menlalist Dictionary (Carlyle)
2 Once More, Before the Show...Annemann Outdone (Carlyle)
3 An Opener...My Way (Ned Rutledge, Bob Nelson and Carlyle)
4 Did I Send You A Thought?...My Way (Ted Karmilovich & Carlyle)
5 My Best Book Test! (Larry Becker, Dick Steiner and Carlyle)
6 Seven Keys to Baldpate...Without Gimmicks (Carlyle)
7 Fun With the Tarot - 5 Card Effect (Carlyle)
8 More Fun With a 5 Card Effect - The Gypsy Spell or The Witch’s Curse (Jules Lenier)
9 Thank You Paul Green & Ted Lesley (Carlyle)
10 Picture Not So Perfect...My Way (Norman Barlow and Carlyle)
11 The Final Card for The Working Mentalist (Carlyle)
12 Thank YOU Santa...My Way (Joe “Micro” White and Carlyle)