John Carney: Enigma
Carney, John: Enigma
©1976 John Carney
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 11x8.5", 17 pages
              Carney: Enigma
Image courtesy eBay seller Slacks!

Comments: Illustrations by Jim Murphy. Printed in landscape mode.

Contents: (courtesy Denis Behr's; greater contents detail available at Denis' site)

1 Introduction (Faucett Ross)
2 Chameleon Aces: magician cuts to four Red Backed Aces in Blue deck, the deck turns Red
4 Seconds on Jack Sandwich: selection appears between two Aces, twice
6 Super Rise Revisited
8 Coin Cut
10 Glass Penetration
10 Coins Through the Table...Again
12 The Coin Pick Up
12 Shades of Goshman
15 Coins Across to Purse: with just four coins and a purse
16 The Impossible Coin Vanish
17 In Closing