Jack Carpenter: The Expert's Portfolio No. 2
Carpenter, Jack: The Expert’s Portfolio No. 2
©2017 Old-Guy-In-The-Bathroom Productions
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 91 pages
Carpenter: Expert's Portfolio No. 2
Image courtesy Joaquin (Dr. J)


Contents (contents and comments from book ToC courtesy of Joaquin)

10 Foreword (Darwin Ortiz)
11 Introduction

17 Sleights And Stratagems
17 The Chop Shop Shuffle: An angle-proof palm, executed in a flash!
20 Instantaneous Stud Double-Turnover: No get-ready, no fuss, no difficulty!
24 Elegance in Motion - Card Switch: The Veeser Concept elevated to perfection
29 Distribution Shuffle Sequence: A casual, overhand shuffle sequence to distribute and control four cards
33 The One-Shot Shift: Four Aces truly lost throughout the pack. One cut, and they’re palmed!
37 Hustler’s Optical False Triple Cut: A tabled false cut that will fool the “wise-guys.”
40 Hustler’s Stock Control Shuffle: A top and bottom stock control using a most elegant shuffle sequence

46 Card Routines
46 Scarne’s Dream: Four Aces produced instantly from a fanned pack of cards!
50 Near Enough, Yet So Far Away: A classic ‘sucker’ effect coupled with a shocking climax!
55 O’Henry’s Return Revisited: Four Queens magically assemble, transpose, and re-assemble in a
stunning fusion of Slow-motion Aces, O’Henry Aces and Backfire Aces. A mini card act in itself!
67 One-Handed Triumph: An impressive demonstration of card control, all accomplished with one hand!
74 The Legend of Silas Greene: The ultimate swindle at the card table, with a story they’ll never forget!
87 The Texas Wind Card Rise: An impromptu card-rise from the card box that fools ‘em all!