Carpenter, Jack: The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
©1997 Jack Carpenter, A-1 Multimedia
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 102 pages
The Expert's Portfolio No. 1
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Jack Carpenter: Expert's Portfolio No. 1

Comments: Illustrated. From the cover, "A treatise addressing some of the most popular card plots; with the express intent of providing the most efficient and diabolically deceptive methods available to date."

Contents (from book ToC):

7 Forweord (Darwin Ortiz)
9 Introduction
11 Preliminary Notes and Credits

15 Card Magic
15 A Dance for the Devious: The Queens melt away and returns with a flash
26 A Potent Presage: A prediction of unparalleled proportions
34 The Impulse Change: an amazing one-handed color change
38 An Impulsive Premonition: a visual shocker
41 Steppin' Out With Molly: 3 Card Monte, but the signed money card travels to the card case
53 The One-for-One Change: an instant color change, surrounded at the card table
56 Quick Slick: a transposition that will fry them
58 Simplex Backfire: an assembly with an economy & directness you will appreciated

71 The Expert's Turn to Deal
71 The Sweep Control: When the expert cuts to the Aces
77 Riffle 'n Roll: Stacking with time to spare
80 Nine Angry Men: An incredibly direct ten-handed stack
85 The D.C. Hustele: the world's fastest triple duke
94 Nova Royale: A Royal Flush production that will make you a star
100 The Carpenter Overhand Stack: An overhand stack that fools the experts