Hereward Carrington: The Boy's Book of Magic
Carrington, Hereward: The Boy's Book of Magic
©1920 Dodd, Mead & Co., New York
Hardcover, no dj, 282 pages

©1926 Dodd, Mead & Co., NY
©1946 Dodd, Mead & Co., NY
Carrington: The Boy's Book of Magic
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Comments: "Including Chapters on Hindu Magic, Handcuff Tricks, Side Show and Animal Tricks, Ventriloquism, etc. Together with numerous sleights, now published for the first time."

Contents (from book ToC):

v Preface

1 I. Introductory Remarks
7 The Dress
9 The Table and Servante
11 Music-stand as a Side Table
11 The Wand
12 Preparation of the Hands

14 II. Card Tricks
15 Methods of Discovery:
15 Method No. I
15 Method No. II
18 Method No. III - False Shuffles
18 Method No. IV
19 Method No. V
19 Method No. VI
20 Methods of Disclosure:
20 Method No I
20 Method No. II
20 Method No. III
21 Method No. IV
22 To Force a Card
23 To Make the Pass
25 The Left-handed Pass - Charlier Pass
28 To Slip a Card
28 The Moist Card
29 The Rising Cards
31 The Rising Cards Another Method
32 Card Leviation Impromptu
33 Thurston’s Method
37 A Chosen Card Caught Upon the End of an Ordinary Walking-stick
39 A Card Caught on the Corner of a Borrowed Handkerchief
41 The Velvet Cloth
43 The Ring and Card Trick

45 III. Coin Tricks
45 Palming
47 The Thumb Palm
47 Passes
48 The Tourniquet
50 Methods of Exchange
51 The Hooked Coin
52 The Spinning Coin
53 The Warm Coin
54 The Heads and Tails Trick
54 The Travelling Coins
56 The Fifty Cents and Orange Trick
58 To Rub One Dime into Three
50 To Multiply One Half-Dollar into Two - New Method
59 A New Coin Vanish
60 The Coin and Hat Trick
61 The Flying Coins
63 The Coin and Card Trick
63 Travelling Coins Second Method
64 The Paper Fold and Disappearing Coin
65 Catching Coins in a Wine Glass
66 The Winged Coin
67 The Magic Coin Tray

70 IV. Tricks with Handkerchiefs
70 To Produce a Handkerchief from the Empty Hand
72 The Flying Handkerchief
75 Handkerchief Production
76 The Candle and Handkerchief
77 The Soup Plate and Handkerchief
78 The Shower of Sweets
80 The Disappearance and Reappearance of a Handkerchief
80 New Handkerchief Vanish
81 The New Cylinders and Handkerchief Trick
82 Colour-changing Handkerchiefs
88 New Decanter, Handkerchief and Flag Combination

94 V. Tricks with Eggs
94 To Make an Egg Stand Upright
94 The Spinning Egg
95 To Produce an Egg from an Ordinary Handkerchief

98 VI. Pieces of Apparatus of General Utility
98 The Mirror Tumbler
100 The Bottomless Tumbler
101 The Vanisher
102 The Bran Glass
103 The Drawer Box
104 The Inexhaustible Portfolio
106 The Black Silk Thread
106 The Magnetized Poker
106 The Dancing Handkerchief
107 The Rapping Wand
107 The Climbing Ring
107 The Mesmerized Wand
108 Table Lifting
110 The Floating Hat

111 VII. Feats of Divination
111 To Divine the Number Thought of by the Audience
113 To Tell the Hour on a Borrowed Watch, Placed Face Downwards on the Table
114 The Bank Note Test
115 The Dictionary Trick

120 VIII Miscellaneous Tricks
120 The Multiplying Wand
121 The Phantom Wand
122 Walnut Shells and Pea
122 The Spirit Touch
123 The Tambourine Trick
125 The Japanese Paper Trick
127 The Tom and Restored Cigarette Paper
128 Red or Black?
128 Matter Through Matter
129 The Flying Thimble
131 The Broken Match Trick
133 The Disappearing Matches
134 The Bent Watch
135 The Watch which Stops and Goes at Command
135 Flower Tricks
135 The Soup Plate and Flower Trick
136 The Birth of Flowers
138 The Button-hole Rose
139 The Magic Flower Pot

143 IX. Miscellaneous Tricks - Continued
143 The Rabbit Trick
144 The Chinese Lanterns
146 The Watch and Photograph Trick
147 The Cut and Restored Turban
149 The Bullet Trick
152 The Floating Ball
155 Black Art!
159 Decapitation Trick
163 A Few Tricks which May Be Performed by the Aid of Chemistry
163 The Magic Glass of Water
165 Wine Changed into Water
166 Wine Changed into Milk
167 A Purple, Green, and Grey Liquid from the same Bottle

168 X. Concluding Instruction


175 XI. Hindu Magic
175 The Mango-tree Trick
185 The Basket Trick
190 The Dry-sands Trick
192 The Coloured Sands Trick
193 The Diving Duck
194 The Jumping Rabbit
195 The Beans and Scorpion Trick
196 The Basket and Chiclcens Trick
197 The Cotton Trick
199 The Brass Bowl Trick
200 Snake-Charming
202 Voluntary Interment
204 The Rope Trick

207 XII. Handcuffs and Escapes Therefrom
221 Bags, Sacks, Trunks, Boxes, Packing Cases, etc.
235 Rope Tying Tests

240 XIII. Side-show and Animal Tricks
255 Juggling Tricks
258 How Animals Are Taught Their Tricks
267 Gamblers’ Secrets
271 How the Various Stage Effects Are Produced
273 Ventriloquism
281 Points to be Remembered
282 Concluding Remarks