Carrington, Hereward, Ph.D: Magic is Fun, Magic For Every One
©1920 Dodd, Mead & Co., Inc., USA
Hardcover, w/dj, 5.5x8.5", 138 pages

©1942 Published as Magic for Everyone,
by The World Publishing Co., Cleveland & NY
Carrington: Magic Is Fun
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Magic for Everyone
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Carrington: Magic for Everyone
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Contents (from 1943 printing, updated Nov 2017)

1 Chapter I Introductory Remarks
7 The Dress
9 The Table and Servante
11 Music-stand as a Side Table
12 Preparation of the Hands

14 Chapter II Card Tricks
15 Methods of Discovery
15 - Method No. I
15 - Method No. II
16 - Method No. III
17 - False Shuffles
18 - Method No. IV
19 - Method No. V
19 - Method No. VI
19 Methods of Disclosure
20 - Method No. I
20 - Method No. II
20 - Method No. III
21 - Method No. IV
22 To Force a Card
23 To Make the Pass
25 The Left-handed Pass: Charlier Pass
26 To Slip a Card
28 The Moist Card
29 The Rising Cards: with a special deck and deck switch
31 The Rising Cards Another Method: impromptu
32 Card Levitation Impromptu: another version
33 Thurston's Method: with wax and IT
37 A Chosen Card Caught Upon the End of an Ordinary Walking-Stick
39 A Card Caught on the Corner of a Borrowed Handkerchief
41 The Velvet Cloth: for the production of cards
43 The Ring and Card Trick: a finger ring vanishes and is found hanging from a loop on a card

45 Chapter III Coin Tricks
45 The Principle Sleights Used in Coin Tricks
45 Palming
47 The Thumb Palm
47 Passes
48 The Tourniquet or the French Drop
50 Methods of Exchange
51 The Hooked Coin
52 The Spinning Coin: two quickies with a spinning coin
53 The Warm Coin: reveals which one was chosen
54 The Heads and Tails Trick: coin vanishes while being flipped
54 The Travelling Coins: from hand to hand
55 The Fifty Cents and Orange Trick: marked coin vanishes in glass of water and is found in selected orange
58 To Rub One Dime Into Three: on a table
59 To Multiply One Half Dollar into Two - New Method: using angles
59 A New Coin Vanish
60 The Coin and Hat Trick: two marked fifty cent pieces travel from one hat to another
61 The Flying Coins: four coins vanish from magicians hand to join those in spectator's hand, twice
62 Travelling Coins - Second Method: a follow up to the above
63 The Coin and Card Trick: coin travels from under one card to another repeatedly
64 The Paper Fold and Disappearing Coin: paper fold
65 Catching Coins in a Wine Glass
66 The Winged Coin (Mr. Downs): a old version of coin in the bottle
67 The Magic Coin Tray: coins vanish from a glass to join the others in spectator's hand

70 Chapter IV Tricks With Handkerchiefs
70 To Produce a Handkerchief from the Empty Hand
72 The Flying Handkerchief: white handkerchief replaces red one folded in a newspaper, with various suggestions for vanishing
75 Handkerchief Production
76 The Candle and Handkerchief: handkerchief is vanished and is reproduced from the candle flame
77 The Soup Plate and Handkerchief: two handkerchiefs are vanished and reproduced from under a plate
78 The Shower of Sweets: candy is produced from a folded handkerchief
80 The Disappearance and Reappearance of a Handkerchief
80 New Handkerchief Vanish: for a single spectator
81 The New Cylinders and Handkerchief Trick: two colored handkerchiefs transpose between two glass cylinders
82 Colour-Changing Handkerchiefs: with specially constructed handkerchief
88 New Decanter, Handkerchief and Flag Combination (Frederick S. Keating): good opener

94 Chapter V Tricks With Eggs
94 To Make an Egg Stand Upright
94 The Spinning Egg
95 To Produce an Egg From an Ordinary Handkerchief

98 Chapter VI Pieces of Apparatus of General Utility
98 The Mirror Tumbler
100 The Bottomless Tumbler
101 The Vanisher
102 The Bran Glass: change glass of bran to sweets or other article
103 The Drawer Box
104 The Inexhaustible Portfolio: production from a folder, with aid of a servante
105 The Black Silk Thread
106 - The Magnetized Poker: a poker stands between the knees
106 - The Dancing Handkerchief
107 - The Rapping Wand
107 - The Climbing Ring
107 - The Mesmerized Wand
108 - Table Lifting
110 - The Floating Hat

111 Chapter VII Miscellaneous Tricks
111 The Multiplying Wand
112 The Phantom Wand: wand vanishes and is found in an envelope
113 Walnut Shells and Pea: very basic instruction on the Three Shell Game
113 The Spirit Touch: a physical stunt
114 The Tambourine Trick (Burlingame): ribbon production
116 The Japanese Paper Trick: paper torn, inserted in ear, removed from mouth, stirred in water and instantly dried
118 The Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
119 Red or Black?: red and black balls transpose
119 Matter Through Matter: a glass bracelet passes onto spectator's wrist
120 The Flying Thimble: from finger of one hand to the other hand
122 The Broken Match Trick: five pieces of match sticks become six, multiple times
124 The Disappearing Matches: an almost impromptu vanish of a match stick
125 The Bent Watch: optical illusion
126 The Watch Which Stops and Goes At Command: using an old watch and a magnet
126 Flower Tricks
126 - The Soup Plate and Flower Trick: soup plate held in the hands becomes filled with flowers
127 - The Birth of Flowers: flower production in a glass with the aid of a table load
129 The Button-Hole Rose: instant appearance
130 The Magic Flower Pot (Carrington): flowers grow in a special table

134 Chapter VIII Concluding Instructions
134 On Exposure
134 Assistants
135 Care of the Hands
135 Performance Programs
137 Lighting
137 Nervousness
138 Audience