Hereward Carrington: Side Show and Animal Tricks
Carrington, Hereward: Side Show and Animal Tricks
©1913 A.M. Wilson, M.D., The Sphinx, MO
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 66 pages

1973 Republished by The PinchPenny Press

Hereward Carrington: Side Show and Animal Tricks
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Comments: "Tricks of the Side-Show Performer, Animal Tricks, Gamblers' Tricks, Juggling Secrets, Stage Effects, Ventriloquism, Etc., Etc."
Note: The Side Show Tricks & Juggling section almost exactly matches the Little Blue Book 1279 "Side Show Tricks Explained", but the Little Blue Book has a small section on "Feats of Strength" that is not in this book. Hereward also had two other Little Blue Books #1285 Gamblers' Crooked Tricks A Complete Exposure of Their Methods; and #1278 Ventriloquism Self Taught; I'm not sure if the content there was taken from this book as well.

Contents (from book):

5 Introductory Note
6 Illustrations: of various gambling devices

7 Side Show Freaks: Wild Men of Borneo, Gumbo, Tattooed Man, etc.

11 Side Show Tricks:
11 Sword Swallowing
12 Dancing on Broken Glass
13 The Ladder of Swords
14 The Human Pin Cushion
16 Fire Eating
17 The Living Gas Jet
18 Drinking Molten Lead
18 Drinking Burning Oil
20 Biting Red Hot Iron
22 Fire Fighting Mouth Washes: preparing the mouth
24 Miscellaneous Tricks: hair standing up, three legged lady, headless woman

26 Juggling Tricks: various tricks used to perform impossible juggling feats

31 How Animals Are Taught Their Tricks
31 - Dogs: name, fetch, etc.
35 - Language of Flowers (Charles L. Burlingame): apparatus for Dog trick
39 - Elephants
39 - Lions and Tigers: and other cats
40 - Goats
41 - Birds
42 - Snakes
42 - Seals

42 Gamblers' Secrets

23 Feats of Strength
25 - Man Holds Chair and is Easily Moved
25 - Strong Man Can't Move Operator with Billiard Cue
25 - Spectator Can't Slide Billiard Cue Held by Woman
26 - Performer Controls Being Lifted by Elbows
27 - Performer lifts Billiard Cue Sat Upon
28 - Performer Can't Be Pushed to the Wall

42 Gamblers' Secrets
43 - Holdouts
45 - Card Dexterity and Marked Cards
46 - Illustrations: card holdout devices
47 - Card Sharp Devices

49 How the Various Stage Effects Are Produced
49 Day and Night Effects
50 Rain
50 Wind
51 Lightning: and snow, waves, fire, smoke

52 Ventriloquism
54 Near Ventriloquism
56 Dialogue
57 Animal Sounds
59 Distant Ventriloquism
62 Points to be Remembered
64 Concluding Remarks