Carroll, Harrison: The Shell Game
1994 Harrison Productions
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 25 pages
              Carroll: The Shell Game
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Comments: Routine is presented in three columns. First column lists the method, the second column provides the patter, and the third column presents any line drawings as needed. This routine is based on the Karl Nelson routine found in the Nick Trost "Expert Gambling Tricks" book. While this presentation is a little more clear, you probably don't need both references.


3 Introduction: Notes about the routine, performed over 2000 times, plays better to men
4 The Shell Game
4 Effect: Find the pea using three walnut shells and a pea
4 Background: Derived from Karl Norman's as published in Nick Trost's Expert Gambling Tricks. Eliminates the spectator having to "guess" the location of the pea.
5 Requirements: 5 Quarters, 1 Half Dollar, 1 Jumbo Half Dollar, Shot Glass, Walnut shells & pea, best with a close up pad. With some brief notes on preparing real Walnuts
6 The Move: as detailed in Lee Grey's The Three Shell Game.
8 Method: Shells and pea are dumped from the shot glass onto the table. Pea is placed under the middle shell. Five quarters are removed from the pocket to use as bets. One quarter is pushed forward as the bet, and the routine begins! Four quarters are lost, and for the last one, the shells are even covered with the glass. Includes a final climax of a jumbo half dollar.