Chas J. Carter: Magic and Magicians
Carter, Chas J: Magic and Magicians
©1903 Will Rossiter; J.S. Ogilvie Publishing Co., NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5x7.5", 152 pages
Chas. J. Carter: Magic and Magicians
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Comments: A full expose of modern miracles. Showing also how tricks are performed with coins, cards, handkerchiefs, etc."


3 Introductory

15 Card Tricks
15 Front and Back Hand Palming
22 The Several Cuts
30 Forcing, Palming, etc.
39 The Boomerang Card, Waterfall Shuffle, etc.
45 Naming Cards, Placing Cards, etc.
51 Various Methods of Discovering or Identifying a Card
54 Three Card Monte, Diminishing and Increasing Cards, etc.
68 Card Marking, the Bridge, How to Make Black and Red Aces Exchange Places, or to Bring All Four Together in the Middle of the Pack, etc.
103 Tricks Requiring Special Paraphrnalia, Rising Cards, Jumping Cards, etc.
111 To Catch a Card on End of Cane, Various Kings of Frames, etc.

125 Coin Tricks
125 Palming and Various Other Feats With Coins

141 Handkerchief Tricks
141 Experiments With Handkerchiefs