Carton, Bernard: Conjuring for Connoisseurs
©1921 Bernard Carton, Publ by George Johnson, London, U.K
Softcover, 5.75x6.75", 33 pages
Conjuring for
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Comments: The Magic Wand "Shilling Series" No. 1. From the foreword, "The items formerly appeared in the Magic Wand but many of the numbers of this magazine, in which the effects were first published are now out of print."


3 Foreword
5 Conjuring for Connoisseurs
5 Useful Tables: two table designs you can make
8 Two Flag Tricks
8 - Effect No. 1: A string of flags tied together is placed in a tumbler. One flag separates from the string that matches a card selection
11 - Effect No. 2: an idea for a tissue paper to silk effect, no details provided
12 Vice Versa Candles: Red and Green candles transpose, and remain lit
13 A Soapless Case: soap is removed from case, which is held by spectator. Soap vanishes, then a silk turns into the soap, and the silk is found in the case
15 Bouquet Production: idea for a flower production
15 A Useful Accessory for the Okito Tumbler: for loading the glass
16 The Magic of Millinery: full sized hat produced from an apparently empty box
18 A Box for Vanishing, Exchanging or Producing: variation of the above
19 Novel Wand Production: idea for using a match box
19 A Rag Picture Combination: idea for a comedy tie to stockings to rags, leading to a rag picture
20 A Card Banner: Playing cards are spread apart and a banner with the magician's name appears

21 Part 2 Miscellaneous Tricks
21 Palming a Coin
23 - Additional Note
24 The Magic Drinks: chemical effect
26 Cigar and Candle: Cigar vanishes and candle changes to the cigar
29 The Hole in the Stocking: a "torn and restored" effect with a lady's black stocking
30 Fire Flashes: idea for producing four cards in a flash
33 The Magic Wand and Magical Review: Advertisement