Casaubon, Dr. George E.: Deceptions with a Short Card
©1946 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 54 pages

Published in the U.K. by Supreme Magic, Bideford, Devon, England
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11"
Casaubon: Deceptions With a Short Card
Supreme Magic edition
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Deceptions With a
              Short Card
Abbott's edition
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Comments: From the foreword "It is the author’s boast that none of the mysteries contained herein require for performance any more than the ability to cut a pack of cards plus that most essential of all ingredients in wizardry, a pleasing personality." Also available as an e-Book from


5 Foreword (Dr. George E. Casaubon)
9 Definition and Types of Short Card
12 Short Tips on the Short Card
14 Short Card Location
16 The Friendly Cards
18 Heavy Cards: Light Cards
20 The Expert Thumb Counter
22 Miracle in Reverse
23 Guardians of the Castle
25 The Diamond King
26 The Expert Card Stabber
27 The Ubiquitous Card
28 Trials in the Dark
32 The Orderly Card
33 From Pack to Pack
35 The Mystic Seven
37 Back to Back
38 The Expert Poker Dealer
39 Card Calling
41 Casauban's Reverso Cavalcade
42 The Remarkable Eye
43 Card Spacing
44 The Master Mind-Reader
45 Card Prediction
48 Cards from Bottom to Top
49 The Buried Cards
50 The Royal Triangle
53 Finding the Twins
54 Short Card Potpourri: additional tips and tricks