Cassell and Co.: Conjuring Apparatus Up-to-Date
©1912 First Ed; Cassell and Co., Ltd, London/NY
Softbound, 152 pages
Conjuring Apparatus
              Up To Date
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Comments: "Work" Handbooks. From the publisher: "In this handbook, two well known conjurors..Professors Day and Levani have 'given away', in sixteen fully illustrated chapters, a large number of the most effective and entertaining tricks and illusions to be found in their repertoires. Not only do they show, in regard to each trick, 'how it is done', but they describe in simple, practical language how to make the whole of the apparatus employed, including a selection of really up-to-date servantes and two serviceable patterns of conjurors tables."


1 Magic Productions
32 Vanishing Wands
35 A Few up-to-date Card Tricks
46 The Mysterious Clock Dial
49 Flower Growth Extraordinary
55 Coin Wands and Other Coin Devices
62 The Magic Kettle
68 Handkerchief and Flag Illusions
84 Fish Catching in Mid-Air
87 "Travelling Wine" and Similar Illusions
96 The Egg Bag Trick
98 Tricks With Dice and Blocks
108 Magic Candles
114 Some Useful Servantes
121 Making Up-To-Date Conjuring Tables
129 Miscellaneous Tricks and Illusions
151 Index