Cassidy, Robert E: The Art of Mentalism 2
© 1995 Robert E. Cassidy, Dream Crow Press
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 44 pages
Cassidy: The Art
              of Mentalism 2
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Comments (Zigby7): A complete performance of mentalism exactly as performed by Bob Cassidy in nightclubs and lounges all over America. This book is intended for the advanced performer who is well versed in the basics of the art.


i Dedication, Title Page, Preface and Acknowledgments

1 Introduction and and Explanation of the Real Work

2 Part One: An Overview of the Act and its Logic

6 Part Two: Performance Details
6 The Psychological Forces
8 The Name Place Routine
15 The Book Test
21 The Three Envelope Test
29 Card Memory

37 Part Three: The Challenge Tarot Reading
39 The Card In the Window
43 Magician's Guilt, its Causes and Cures