Bob Cassidy: The ARt of Mentalism Part 1 Revisited
Cassidy, Bob: The Art of Mentalism Part One Revisited
©2002 Robert E. Cassidy
eBook, 28 pages
Robert Cassidy: The Art of Mentalism Part 1
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Comments: Note from the preface, "This e-book comprises the essence of the first edition of the Art of Mentalism, privately published by the author and copyrighted in 1984. The second and third editions were published and copyrighted by Collector's Workshop and Viking Magic. Both were revised variations of the original to which I retained copyright. The author has no connection whatsoever to the edition presently being published by Viking, nor was he contacted at all for suggestions or additions to their latest release. He does not receive any royalties pursuant to the original contract with Collector's Workshop which, presumably, was transferred Viking. Not being of a particularly litigious nature, he has decided to let it ride - their version does look vary nice!"

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Introduction
2 The Presentation Of Mentalism
6 Handling The Audience
8 Audience Reading-The Major Effect Of Mentalism
12 The Final Version Of The Three Envelope Test (1984)
16 The Two Envelope Test
17 A Picture And A Word
17 The Atlas Test
18 The Esquire Magazine Test
20 The Memory Drive
22 Russian Roulette
26 The Ethics Of Mentalism