Bob Cassidy: Fundamentals
Cassidy, Bob: Fundamentals
©2003 Robert E. Cassidy
eBook, 93 pages
Bob Cassidy: Fundamentals
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Contents (From book ToC):

2 Preface
5 Introduction
7 How It All Began
10 Overview
10 The Psychology Of Mentalism
11 Plausibility
12 The Path To Mastery
13 A Note On Rehearsal
13 Fundamental Structures
16 Fundamental Problems
16 The Most Misunderstood Statement In Mentalism
18 The Opening Effect Comes Second
19 Some Fundamental Principles
20 The Bulldog Deck And The Scary Movie Routine
22 A Fundamental Psychological Ploy
25 A Thought To Ponder
26 The Shuttled Newspaper Test
28 Get The Lead Out
31 Three Canisters And A Bill
34 An Essential Secret
43 Handling
49 Quiz
51 An Introduction To The Interaction Of Physical Psychological And Presentational Principles In The Performance Of Mentalism
51 "A Startling Thought Reading Effect"
52 An Interesting Fact
55 A Startling Thought Reading Effect
65 Commercially Available Effects And Gimmicks
65 Persona And Subscript - The Keys To Believability
66 The Subscript
67 Riding The Web
67 The Original Subscript For My Psychic Persona
72 The Thirty-Nine Steps
89 Some Thoughts On Performing