Paolo Cavalli: Upsilon
Cavalli, Paolo: Upsilon
©2004, Paolo Cavalli
eBook, 62 pages
Paolo Cavalli: Upsilon
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Comments: There are nine effects within, but many more ideas and presentations. Originally released in 2004, Paolo's works were re-released in 2013 as a six part series, The Cavalli Files. Consists of: Part I Upsilon, Part II Omicron, Part III Sigma, Part IV The Flytrap Experience, Part V Notes From the Lord's Diary 1, Part VI Notes From the Lord's Diary 2. This listing is for the original release of Upsilon.

Contents (courtesy Stephane Labbe):

5 Radarama: Ingenious "No Gimmick" presentation of the powerful Radar Deck
11 Psychometrack: Routine using a tarot deck
18 Patetogy: A twist on the PATEO force
24 Kormonition: A fantastic 2-deck effect with a mentally thought of card
27 Booplication: Use your own books for a 4 phase booktest
31 Prophetriter: Date trick using blank business cards
35 Twicerpiece: Spectator intuition is revealed on a piece of paper
38 Trisoteric: An Useful Tool, multi-purpose billet
41 Pendulumix: Three Experiments With The Dowsing Pendulum
47 Miscellanea: collection of thoughts
61 A.N. Streamlined Description: The Basic Acidus Novus Folding And Peek