Caveney, Mike: Ideas
©1982 Magical Publications, CA
Softcover, Saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
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Comments:Illustrated by Paul Butler.


1 Ground Rules: Mike's theory on magic props and presentation
4 Impromptu Linking Coathangers: quick visual effect
6 A Transposition: red and blue ball transpose with aid of handkerchief and glass
8 Triple Penetration: Borrowed ring penetrates series of glasses
12 Bag-It: idea for using a bag to enhance a Top-It vanish
14 A Coin Vanish: in the hands
17 Flying Deuces: how to boomerang a card
18 The Toilet Tissue Issue: Audience tears toilet paper roll, and all is restored
21 The Powers of Darkness Come Out of the Closet: Coat hanger magically releases from spectator; audience can see how it's done while spectator is clueless
27 More Powers: A more impromptu version, using rope