Cecil, Harry E: Magic That Perks
©1937 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6.5x9.5", 70 pages
Magic That Perks
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Comments: Harry E. Cecil was Vice President of the IBM.

Contents (from book ToC):

4 Foreword (Robert Climax Anderson)
6 Introduction (Harry Cecil)
9 Opening Patter
10 The Fir Tree
13 Banana Bag
14 Comedy Egg Bag
16 Laundry Ticket
16 Sun and Moon
19 Slate Prophecy
23 Card in Cigarette
24 Worlds Worst Magician Royal Flush Card Effect
25 My 'Sure Enough' Card Effect
27 The Old Pink Lemonade Stand
29 Lines of Patter: one liners for your act
31 Middle-Words (Max Terhune and Skully)
32 The Animal Chase: children's animal card trick
35 One of the Ups and Downs of Magic
36 New Finish for the Max Sterling Egg Trick (Billy Russell)
36 Anti-Slip In the Stack of Bowls Production (Billy Russell)
36 To Prove the Absence of Any Connection With a Piece of Apparatus (Billy Russell): two methods
37 Russell's Watch Board
38 The Silk Cocoon
40 Simple Effective Spelling Trick
41 A Version of the Cups and Balls (Howard Strickler, John Snyder Jr.): with use of Large Cups
43 Clean Cut Color Change
44 Strait-Jacket Card Effect (J.J. Crimmins, Jr.)
46 The Case of the Four Kings (J.J. Crimmins, Jr.)
46 Subconscious Card Control (Dr. William Bates)
47 Sympathetic Spelling Bee (Charles J. Jones)
48 Color Harmony (Charles J. Jones)
49 Telephone Card Trick (Frank N. Kroner)
50 Fun With Second-Dealing (James S. Grigsby)
50 Original Coin Act (T.J. Crawford): using the Crawford coin stand
54 The 'Fitz' Hat Trick: cut and restored tape in hat
55 Slate Divination
56 Imitation Beer: chemical
57 Mind Reading Extraordinary (A.A.A. Almon)
58 Scotch Thrift: a brief anecdote
58 A Silly Opening Trick (Sid Lorraine)
59 Dual Attraction (Reginald Eaton Clark): card problem with an unprepared pack
61 Relue's Ropes and Cups: tin cups release from rope while china cups remain suspended
62 The 'G' Men and the Joker (Wilf. J. Fleury)
64 Planting a Load in a Borrowed Hat (Walter "Buck" Hambright
65 A Card Problem (Paul Noffke)
66 Unusual Card Change ("Al" Saal)
67 Spelling Trick Supreme (Abe Warsaw)
69 The Balloon Goes Up (Harry E. Cecil): card in balloon
71 After-Words (Howard G. Strickler)
72 The Last Words (Harry Cecil)