Cervon, Bruce & Stephen Minch: Ultra Cervon
1990 1st Edition, Louis Falanga & Bruce Cervon
Published by L&L Publishing, CA
Hardcover; 177 Pages
Ultra Cervon
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Foreword (James Patton)
Introduction (Bruce Cervon)

1 Chapter One: Aces Again!
1 The Red - Backed Aces: covers the Elmsley Count, Erdnase Break, Jordan Count, and Olram Subtelty
9 Floating Aces: Aces rise to the top (Tilt)

17 Chapter Two: Long Routines
17 The Joker Trick and Four Dollar Confusion: Four cards change to Jokers, Aces
22 A Matter of Psychology: ambitious card
26 To Pay the Price: magician gets the four Aces

33 Chapter Three: A Castle Act
33 All Backs: card routine
37 The Conus Aces: more Aces
47 Repeat Aces to Pocket: spectator's pocket

58 Chapter Four: Migrating Cards
58 The Fabulous Cards to Pocket
68 The BC Cards Across: signed selections pass from packet from to packet

77 Chapter Five: Warped
77 Warped: Card Warp, and with a Jumbo card
88 Warp II: another version

97 Chapter Six: Thanks to Koran
97 Hanky Panky: handkerchief and coins
107 Silent Flight: A ring flight

117 Chapter Seven: The Straddle Reverse
117 The Straddle Reverse: card move
119 Stand - in: Selection ends up reversed in deck
120 Alone Again: only one card reversed

125 Chapter Eight: Revolutionary Shifts
125 The Cervon Free - turn Pass
130 Two Free -turn Table Pass
130 The Free - turn Table Pass
132 The Longitudinal Free - turn Table Pass
136 The Patton Free - turn Side Steal
138 The Free -turn Bottom Palm
139 The Free - turn Pass as a Multiple Lift Substitute
140 Trick Applications for the Free - turn Pass
140 As an Ace Production
141 The Stop Trick
142 The Psychological Stop Trick
143 Free - turning Aces

149 Chapter Nine: Odd Half Passes
149 The Patton Half Pass
151 First Variant
152 Second Variant
153 Third Variant
155 The Free - turn Half Pass
157 The Retrograde Half Pass

159 Chapter Ten: Cut and Restored Rope Routine