Chambers, Lloyd W.: Original Ideas in Magic
©1941 Chambers Magic Co., Topeka, KS
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 33 pages

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Lloyd Chambers: Original Ideas in Magic
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Lloyd W. Chambers: Original Ideas in Magic

Comments:  Felt-like cover, one effect per page. Most effects require apparatus you would need to already own, buy, or build.

Contents:(from book, updated 5/2021):

ii Preface (Lloyd W. Chambers)

1 L-W-C Telepathy: magician determines which spectator has which of three items
2 Fisherman's Mat: glass and goldfish production
3 How Time Flies: triple production
4 Mawe's Telepathy: assistant divines total of a series of numerical figures
5 A Match For You: mathematical prediction
6 The Flying Ball: ball vanishes from a sack
7 Acrobatic Ash Tray: small explosion occurs when victim dunks cigarette stub in dish
8 Confetti-Candy Cylinder: confetti to candy
9 Shooting Through a Woman: a ribbon is shot through the assistant and a signed card
10 New Coin Vanish: using a specially gimmicked coin
11 Incomprehensible Predictability: magician finds the one envelope with the five dollar bill
12 Ghost Tube: silk production
13 Impossible Spirit Test: message reading from sealed envelopes
14 Molecular Cards: deck forms into a stream of cards with selection reversed
15 Coingo: card prediction and coin vanish using a special vase
16 New Wine and Water: colors change as water is poured amongst the glasses
17 Cardart: spectator throws dart at spinning cards, impaling the selection
18 Hydrostatic Tumbler: contents don't spill from whiskey glass when inverted
19 The Great Egyptian Floto: a steel ball floats on milk; don't do this today, it uses Mercury, a toxic metal
20 Ethereal Cards: spectator's selected card is found back in the card box
21 Spirit Ball: ball slides down a cord only on command
22 Confetti to Candy: in a tumbler
23 Match Stretcher: one-handed manipulation
24 Vanishing Hindu Sticks: an ending for the Chinese Sticks routine
25 A Magical Surprise: a magic square prediction
26 Transribbo: cut and restored ribbon
27 Price List: from 1941