Chanin, Jack: Grand Finale, Silk At Your Fingertips
©1940, 1952 Jack Chanin, Philadelphia, Pa
Softcover, comb-bound or stapled, 5.5x8.5", 96 pages
Chanin: Grand
              Finale 1940
Original 1940 Edition
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Chanin: Grand
Updated 1952 Edition
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Comments:  Jack Chanin's Grand Finale was originally released in 1940 and was only 13 pages, but was greatly expanded in 1952. Earlier versions were stapled. So if you are buying a used copy of this book, be sure of which edition you are getting! Also available as an e-Book as part of the Chanin Collection CD from The Miracle Factory.


3 To All My Friends In Magic (Frank Lane)
4 The New Grand Finale (Jack Chanin): Letter to Jean Hugard
5 Dear Friend Jack (Jean Hugard)
6 The Author Speaks: about this updated version
10 As Seen By the Audience: routine described
11 What Performers of the Grand Finale Have to Say About It
14 Thumb Tip: great details of its use for this effect
21 Hanky Ball: details on its use
26 Small Silks
28 Rubber Bands
29 Everything About the Ribbons and How to Use Them
33 Preparation of Large Silks
35 Silk Folding
38 Silk Holders
41 The Large Silks and How to Use Them
42 Giant Silks 6ft x 6ft or 8ft x 8ft
46 Streamers and How to Fold
47 Flower Darts
50 Flower Production
55 Fish Bowl Production from Body
56 Music
57 Giant Stack of Fish Bowl Production
63 Disposition of Material
64 What One Amateur Thinks of The Grand Finale
65 No Gimmick Routine, Routine #1
70 J.C. Favorite Production of Silks, Routine #2
76 Multiplication of the Large Silks Routine #3
79 Routine #4 With the Aid of One Assistant From the Audience
81 Routine #5 With the Aid of Two Assistants From the Audience
83 Routine #6, No Assistants
85 The Grand Finale Routine #7
88 A Symphony in Silk, Routine #8
91 Just for Kids, Routine #9
92 Silk and What Type to Use
93 Different Types of Openings
94 Closing Remarks