Chanin, Jack: Hello Sucker! The 3 Shell Game
©1934 Jack Chanin, Philadelphia, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 8 pages
Chanin: Hello
Image courtesy The Miracle Factory

Comments: "The 3 Shell Game exposed completely for the first time". This short booklet provides the basic philosophy of the game, and six pages of fundamental and special moves for the shells that you can incorporate into your own routine. It does not present a full routine, but rather the building blocks for making your own. Note that in 1948 Mr. Chanin released a greatly expanded version of this book. Also available as part of the Chanin collection CD from The Miracle Factory.


i Foreword
i The Author Speaks
ii The 3 Shell Game Sometimes Known as the Old Army Game: intro
1 Fundamentals: finger position, moves
2 You Hold It! A Fooler for the Wise: spectator holds the shell
3 Over the Top!: shells moved over each other
4 Back Hand Kick: pea can't be found
5 Open Hand Shift: shells held between fingertips
6 The Finger Slide: again with spectator holding shell