Chanin, Jack: Hello Sucker! Encyclopedia of the Three Shell Game
©1948 Jack Chanin, Philadelphia, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 80 pages
Chanin: Hello
              Sucker, Encyclopedia of the 3 Shell Game
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Comments: From the forward: "In 1934, Jack published a book called "Hello Sucker" describing in detail the innermost workings of that mysterious and usually costly pastime of attempting to locate the elusive pea under one of the three English walnut shells. This work was received enthusiastically by the fraternity and well it might be, for Mr. Chanin had devoted seven years to the search for novel moves and the development of his own ideas on the subject." This volume expands greatly on the original, which was only 6 pages. So, if you are buying this used, be sure of which edition your are purchasing! This book is also available as part of the Chanin collection CD from The Miracle Factory.


4 Forward (William Frazee)
4 Forward, Junior (J.G. Thompson, Jr.)
5 Dear Paul: Introduction
7 Dear Jack: letter by Paul Rosini
8 The Author Speaks
12 Point On Shells: about the shells
14 The Correct Pea
15 How to Make a Pea
15 The Size of the Pea
17 Working Surface
18 The 3 Shell Game Basically Important
19 Fundamental Master Move
24 Red, White & Blue: idea for a patriotic theme
25 You Hold It: spectator holds the shell
28 Over the Top: one shell over the other
30 Double Pea: using a duplicate
31 Back Hand Trick: shells moved with back of hand
34 Variation
36 Which One, Bub?: uses just two shells
39 Open Hand Shift Routine: fingers open wide
39 Variation...Sucker Move
44 One Here, One Here, and One Here (Triple Pea): routine shows use of 3 peas
45 Look Folks, No Hands: with a handkerchief
48 Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo: uses a playing card
54 Monte Carlo (What are the Odds?): with audience participation
55 The Finger Slide Routine: with spectator holding shell
58 Lay-Out: sample layout for Monte Carlo
60 He's Just Too Slow: full of sucker gags
61 Stick-Em: making a gimmicked shell
63 Variations: with gimmicks
64 Chanin's Favorite Master Move: can show all shells empty
68 How to Dress and Present the Shell Game
72 Finale
73 How to Take Care of the Smart Aleck, etc.
75 Conclusion