Chapman, Frank: Ten Stunners with a Nail Writer
©1941 Frank Chapman, Burlingame, CA
Softcover, stapled, 8 pages
10 Stunners With a
              Nail Writer
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Comments: A later version offers 20 Stunners


1 Stunner No. 1: Business Card prediction
1 Stunner No. 2: Assistant cigarette card divination
2 Stunner No. 3: the Whispered card
3 Stunner No. 4: Couple card prediction
3 Stunner No. 5 (Annemann): Magazine test with an assistant
4 Stunner No. 6: book test with an assistant
5 Stunner No. 7: living/dead test
5 Stunner No. 8: bar stunt with dice box
6 Stunner No. 9: Long distance telepathy
7 Stunner No. 10: the Swami test
7 Extra Sunner: "telepathy" from Six Bits book
8 About the Nail Writer: Dr. Ervin, inventor