Chapman, Frank & Ralph Read: Twenty Stunners with a Nail Writer
©1944 Magic, Inc, Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 28 pages

Also published by Kanter's Magic Shop, Philadelphia, PA
Frank Chapmen: Twenty Stunners With a Nail Writer
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Comments: "This volume includes Mr. Chapman's original "Ten Stunners" to which ten additional "Stunners" have been contributed."
Available as an e-book.


3 Introduction
7 Nail Writers: Types and Methods
11 Identical Twins
11 Light On The Subject
12 A Whispered Selection
12 Two-Way Telepathy
13 Like An Open Book
14 Word For Word
15 Easy Mark
15 The Quick Or The Dead
16 At The Bar
17 Long Distance Telepathy
18 The Swami Test
18 Telepathy
19 You Think As I Think
19 A Pinch Hitter
20 Whose Name?
21 Seeing Red
21 Easy Card Prediction
22 The Invisible Hand
22 Via Telephone
23 Music In The Air
24 Is It Telepathy?
25 Types of Nail Writers