Chapman, Frank: 20 Clever Magic Tricks
©1932 Frank Chapman, Graphic Publishing Co., MD
Softcover, 26 pages
20 Clever Magic Tricks
Image from The Miracle Factory
Frank Chapmen: 20 Clever Magic Tricks

Comments: Simple tricks


3 Foreword
5 The Flower from Nowhere: instantly appears in buttonhole
6 Find the Dime: find the dime under one of three thimbles
7 The Coin the Walks: coin walks across book
8 Jump-Jump: one coin jump from hand to hand to join others
9 The Coin That "Goes": coin vanishes from matchbox
10 Satan's Match Box: empty match box gains a coin
11 The Mysterious Initial: initial transfers from sugar cube to palm
12 Mind Reading Colors: Magician determines color of selected crayon
14 Money Money Money: shower of bills created from one
15 Magic Television: confederate trick
16 Mend-A-Match: match broken under handkerchief is restored
17 Ring a Stick: ring ends up on stick
18 Match Box Monte: rattle box
19 Borrowed Ring Appears in a Real Egg
20 Dancing Handkerchief: borrowed
21 Ghostly Message: appears on wrist
22 Loop The Loop: Afghan bands
23 Ring Around a Coin: coin vanish illusion
24 Phantom Pencil: pencil is crumbled up
25 Impossible: Dollar bill breaks a pencil
26 Who is Chapman?: short biography