Chapman, Franklin: Quick Tricks
©1942 Franklin Chapman, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 9 pages
Quick Tricks
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Frank Chapman: Quick Tricks



1 Introduction
1 An Egg Bag - Maybe: patter for an egg bag trick
2 Cigarette to Carnation
2 Cigarette to Match
3 Whiskey Glass Vanish
3 Flying Ring: using bottomless whiskey glass
3 Napkin Vanish: almost impromptu with a lighter
4 Drink From Nowhere: small whiskey glass
4 Impromptu Bill in Cig
5 With a Nail Writer: business card, playing card prediction
5 President Size: giant cigarette gag
5 A Drink and a Smoke: with Squash gimmick
6 Dots: a paddle trick with matches
8 Napkins and Hats: paper balls assemble under hats
9 Match Divination: magician finds marked match
9 Blackout Cig: vanishing cigarette