Charles III: The Miracle Book
©1990 Charles II
Softcover, spiral-bound, 33 pages
The Miracle Book
Image courtesy e-Bay seller CosanostraMagic
Charles III: The Miracle Book

Comments: Tricks with "Miracle Fluid"; some type of sticky substance. In the forward, it states that refills of the "MIRACLE FLUID" can be purchased from FAN-TAS-STICK MAGIC,  Burlington, CO, which company seems no longer to exist. Likely similar substance could be found.


3 Forward And Upward
5 How To Apply Miracle Fluid
6 Coin Through Hand
8 Penny To Dime
10 Matrix Outdone
14 Acupuncture Coin
10 Rising/Floating Card
17 Guts Nickel To Dime
19 Vanishing Card
20 Color Changing Card
21 Rising/Floating Dollar Bill
22 Another Floating Dollar Bill
23 Magnetized Pencil Outdone
24 Anit-gravity Pencil
25 Bare Hand Matrix
27 Torn and Restored Card
31 Utility Uses of
31 - Card Off The Bottom Of The Deck
31 - Miracle Billiard Bail Manipulation
31 - Miracle Card Palm
32 - Retention Palm
32 - Quick Zombie Gimmick
32 - Card and Coin Manipulation Aid