Charles, Kirk: Marked for Life
©2002 Kirk Charles & Stephen Minch, Hermetic Press, WA
Softcover, perfect-bound, 100 pages
ISBN: 9780945296393
Marked for Life
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Kirk Charles: Marked for Life

Comments: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck. Marked for Life provides an informative overview of the many types of marked cards available—tricks with them-subtleties that completely disguise their use-applications for a variety of helpful purposes—and a lengthy bibliography that leads the reader to further information and uses for marked decks.


3 Introduction
6 History and Background
9 Printed Decks
12 Hand Marking
19 Readers
19 Easy Readers
21 The Farmarx System
24 The Farmchas System
26 Luminous Readers and Juice Decks
29 Other Readers
32 Blob-o-vision
36 Strategies for Misdirection
41 Using Other Principles with Readers
41 Stacked and Memorized Decks
42 Lazy Man's Easy Card Trick
45 Key Card
45 Voice-stress Analyzer
46 Estimation
47 Either/Or
50 The Virgin State
52 Blindfolds
53 One Out of Three
55 Partners: Overt and Covert